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Human Sexual Functioning and Behavior

Presented by:
Rachel Needle, Psy. D. & Melissa Novak, LCSW, CST

This workshop is held at our Chicago Institute. To register click the button below.

This engaging seminar provides mental health clinicians an in-depth exploration of sexuality function and dysfunction. Participants will learn parameters of sexual function and behavior among various identities, cultural contexts, and lifespan milestones. Particular areas of focus will include theories and research on human sexual response, as well as self-reflection of one’s own attitudes and beliefs surrounding sexual discourse. Participants will learn and practice how to take a sexual history and complete a comprehensive assessment of sexual concerns to help guide treatment. The PLISSIT Model of sex therapy will be used to provide a framework for clinicians to assess, provide information and know when to refer to a specialist. Multidisciplinary frameworks will help guide informed, holistic treatment. Methods of education include group activities, practical application of skills, videos, and discussion.