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Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

Presented by:
Korey McWilliams, MA, MS, LCPC

This workshop is held at our Chicago Institute. To register click the button below.

Go beyond the traditional sex education of high school days past and into a deeper understanding of the inner workings of our bodies. This didactic covers form and function of bodies designated either female or male at birth, those born intersex, as well as transgender individuals. Surgical and hormonal options for augmentation or modification will be explored, along with the impact of individual differences on sexual functioning. Special attention given to how sexual dysfunction and function, both impacts and are impacted by one’s mental health. 

Korey is a teacher, therapist, writer, and musician. He has been a licensed clinical professional counselor since 1998 and has been teaching human sexuality as an adjunct professor since 2005. He has merged his passion for counseling, teaching, and sexuality and taken the path to become a certified sex therapist. Korey’s education includes a B.A. in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University, an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. He has taught in university, corporate, nonprofit, and community settings for the past 27 years.