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Interaction Between Sexuality and Dynamics of Interpersonal and Couples Relationships

Presented by:
Ricky Siegel, LMHC, CST, CSTS & Melissa A. Novak, LCSW, CST

This workshop is held at our Chicago Institute. To register click the button below.

This workshop will examine the interaction between families, relationships and one’s sexuality.  Particular emphasis will be on cultural influences and challenging the heteronormative, monogamous, cisgendered narrative. Participants will learn how to apply different theories (including but not limited to attachment theory, family systems theory, and Gottman) and concepts to help clients enhance both their emotional and sexual intimacy, as well as address common sexual problems.  There will be a focus on clinical application through description and practice with specific evidence-based interventions, as well as case discussion. Interactive learning techniques are used throughout the workshop to engage participants and facilitate skill building and clinical application.


  • Discuss and describe the socio-cultural and familial factors affecting our sexuality and those of our clients and learn skills to help clients create new sexual messages.
  • Explain the relational paradigm: distinguish between a relational and individual paradigm; and, conceptualize sex/couples therapy.
  • Practice the PLISSIT model with couples.
  • Discuss the types of frameworks necessary to address sexual issues in couple relationships.
  • List and describe two different models for working with couples.
  • Demonstrate skills to enhance communication between couples in discussing sexuality issues.
  • Describe and explain additional couples/sex therapy skills, including but not limited to sensate focus, appreciations, stretches, welcoming sexuality options, couples’ sexual style; and different types of touch.
  • Explain the process for identifying counter-transference issues in seeing couples together and/or separately and determine what works best for each practitioner.