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Sexuality Issues in Substance Abuse, Treatment and Recovery

Presented by:
Ricky Siegel, LMHC, CST, CSTS

This workshop is held at our Chicago Institute. To register click the button below.

This session presents both developmental and consequential sexuality issues associated with substance abuse and chemical dependency, many of which have been historically neglected both in treatment and recovery. Beginning with a "timeline" of the development of chemical dependency, sexuality issues are identified in early drug use, addiction, detox, rehab and treatment, early recovery and long-term recovery. An overview of the effects of each of the major categories of "drugs of abuse" and a discussion of sexual identity will also be included, identifying important considerations for substance-abuse recovery. Finally, strategies for relapse prevention are discussed, particularly around those sexuality issues that have typically not been considered in treatment planning and 12-Step recovery programs. The session is presented as a lecture, illustrated throughout with rich case histories from over 25 years experience in psychotherapy, sexology and addiction treatment. The session will also present useful advice for practitioners to better incorporate sexuality and sexual health into treatment plans for their chemically dependent and recovering patients.


  • Identify sexuality issues typically seen in all phases of chemical dependency, as well as the often neglected concerns that can effectively couple these disciplines
  • Describe the shared relationships between substance use, sexuality, and medicating behavior.
  • Incorporate strategies for more effective recovery and relapse prevention in chemical dependency by better addressing sexuality and sexual health issues.