Our Metro-D.C. institute offers up to 150 CE credit hours and 50 clinical case supervision hours.

Our classes are offered as a single workshop (8 hours), two-day classes (Fri-Sat, 16 hours), full weekend (Fri-Sun, 20 hours), or you can enroll in our full institute.

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Institute Directors Dr. Ricky Siegel and Dr. Rachel Needle are joined by leading experts for special lectures on sex therapy, sexual medicine, and sexuality education.

The last week of our Metro-D.C. institute is streamed live via web conference.

Guest Faculty

Dr. Siegel and Dr. Needle will be joined by locally and nationally renowned experts who will bring the most current information on human sexuality research and treatment of sexual dysfunction to this series of programs.

Lawrence Siegel, MA

Lawrence Siegel, MA

Lawrence Siegel, MA, is a Clinical Sexologist and sexuality education consultant. He is the founder and serves on the Board of Directors of Sage Institute for Family Development, a non-profit training and counseling center in Florida. Larry sits on the faculties of several colleges, universities and training institutions, and is nationally recognized as a leader in the fields of sexuality, sexual development, sexual pharmacology, and medical sexology.

Gail Guttman, LCSW

Gail Guttman, LCSW

Gail Guttman, LCSW, is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Diplomate and Sex Therapy Supervisor. She is also a Certified Imago Therapist and Consultant. She has worked for more than 35 years as a couples and sex therapist in private practice in Washington, DC, and Suburban Maryland.

For the past twenty years, Gail has been conducting Imago therapy and sex therapy consultation groups. She has led numerous educational workshops for professionals in sex therapy and Imago therapy. Most recently her workshops have focused on the integration of couples therapy and sex therapy. She has conducted over 30 short-term women and sexuality groups. Washingtonian Magazine chose her in 2009 and 2013 as a "Top Therapist" in both specialties of marriage therapy and sex therapy.

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